Your car history data check comparison

HPI Check - the industry standard - £19.99 each or £29.99 for three checks! Instant Car Check - get an instant check from just £2.95 with a £30,000 guarantee

We've compiled a list of all of the major vehicle data checkers and presented it in an easy-to-use table where you can see prices for single vehicle reports, multiple vehicle reports, guarantee amounts and any extras the companies provide.

Standard Data companies provide the most exhaustive reports. You can see these below. Varied Multiple Vehicle Data companies allow different levels of report detail to be purchased. Text Message Vehicle Data Report companies will deliver reports directly to your mobile and bill you via your mobile provider.

Standard Data Reports

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Single Price* Multi Price* Guarantee?* Source Data* Extras*
HPI Check logo HPI Check £19.99
for 1 report
£29.97 for 3
£30,000 HPI Insurance provided
The AA logo The AA £19.99
for 1 report
£29.99 for 5
£30,000 HPI
RAC logo RAC £14.99
for 1 report
£30,000 Experian
Auto Check logo Auto Check £19.99
for 1 report
£24.99 for 5
£30,000 Experian
Vehicle Check logo Vehicle Check £19.99
for 1 report
£24.99 for 5
£30,000 Experian Free additional check

*Single Price

This is the price that you will pay for a single vehicle data report for one vehicle registration. If you have more than one vehicle to check, consider a multiple purchase.

*Multi Price

Most vehicle data report providers also allow you to purchase credits/vouchers for multiple reports. If you do so, you can be looking at a discount of up to and around 75%, so it is worth considering if you have a number of vehicles to assess or you have friends who also require vehicle checks. Ensure that you look over the terms and conditions for multiple reports however as you may find that some suppliers require you to use all credits within a certain timescale.

*Source Data

This column tells you where the information is sourced from. There are only a handful of companies who own the data - many others are resellers of these companies.


This is the maximum amount you are potentially covered for in the case of an error in the supplier's data. Ensure you check their T&Cs carefully as you will have to adhere to a number of conditions. Failure to comply will invariably invalidate any claim.


If there are any extras supplied with the report then you will find them listed in this column. Check the company's website for more specific details.