What is the difference between a basic and an advanced car data check report?

Generally speaking, car data reports come in two types - basic, silver, regular, and advanced, gold, platinum.

Basic Car Data Reports

Basic car data reports will usually cost between £1.99 and £10.00, and generally give the basic details for a vehicle, such as whether it has been scrapped, been imported or exported, written off or had a number plate change.

Advanced Vehicle Check Reports

Advanced vehicle reports will cost more than basic car reports (usually £9 to £20) and will include more information about the vehicle, such as details about outstanding finance, previous owners, any MOT history, valuation, VIN/chassis check and if it has been cloned.

Have a look at each company's offering and decide whether you need the additional information. A cheaper, older car might not need financial information, whereas if you are spending over five thousand pounds on a car, you might think it worth it.

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