Text Message Vehicle Data Suppliers

HPI Check - the industry standard - £19.99 each or £29.99 for three checks! Instant Car Check - get an instant check from just £2.95 with a £30,000 guarantee

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Guarantee?* SMS Number* Source Data*
Text Check Car logo Text Check Car £3.00 None 83600 CarweB
My Text Check logo My Text Check £3.00 £5,000 83600 CDL
Text Car Check logo Text Car Check £3.00 None 78111 CarweB

*Package Prices

Each of the listed companies offers a range of data for the money you pay. The Low Price listed gives you the most basic details by text. You can then go on to purchase additional data by text message. The High Price shown indicates the most you can spend on full details for one vehicle registration number.


This is the maximum amount you are potentially covered for in the case of an error in the supplier's data. Ensure you check their T&Cs carefully as you will have to adhere to a number of conditions. Failure to comply will invariably invalidate any claim.

*SMS Number

This column details the SMS number that you need to text in order to access their services. Please note that this is a premium rate service and that you need to be careful when formatting the text message that you send - failure to do so may result in you being charged for a service that you cannot use. Always ensure that you have the bill payer's permission before using premium rate SMS services.

*Source Data

This column tells you where the information is sourced from. There are only a handful of companies who own the data - many others are resellers of these companies.